We have exciting things in store for you for Season Eight!

FEBRUARY 16 - MARCH 5, 2017

Infatuation, Inheritance, Impersonation, Intrigue...and Intestinal distress.

From the same brain that brought you THE LIAR, David Ives dusts off Jean-François Regnard’s LÉGATAIRE UNIVERSEL in his new adaptation: THE HEIR APPARENT. This French romp follows a young penniless man as he tries to land money and the woman he loves!

Will Eraste’s rich Uncle finish writing his will before he kicks the bucket? Or does Uncle have other plans hidden in his miserly pocket?

MAY 18 - JUNE 4, 2017

Is "Having It All" All You Bargained For?

Best friends Catherine and Gwen chose opposite paths: Catherine built a career in the big city, Gwen built a family with Catherine’s ex-boyfriend, Don. After years away, Catherine has been offered a job opportunity in her hometown, which brings her in close proximity to Gwen and Don. As old feelings and ambitions rise to the surface, the two women must make a decision.

Are the lives they’ve create the ones they want to keep? Or is it time to make a different choice?

JULY 20 - AUGUST 6, 2017

Over the course of a parent/teacher conference, a grieving mother and an emotionally overwhelmed primary school teacher have a fraught conversation about the tragic suicide of the mother's son, Gidion.

Gidion may have been bullied severely—or he may have been an abuser. As his story is slowly uncovered, the women try to reconstruct a satisfying explanation for Gidion's act and come to terms with excruciating feelings of culpability.

When trying to untangle a knot this complicated, will we all unravel?

OCTOBER 12-29, 2017

Playwright Steve Yockey, creator of WOLVES, THE FISHERMAN'S WIFE, and OCTOPUS, brings his fresh, magical style to this literal ghost story.

AFTERLIFE: A GHOST STORY follows Connor and Danielle, a couple forced to confront an unbearable loss while preparing their beachfront home for a massive storm. As the storm breaks over them, they must face a new world haunted by unsent letters, unexpected snow, unfinished sandcastles, and unrelenting messengers who have motives of their own.

DECEMBER 7 - 17, 2017

A: Picture the best horror show you’ve ever seen.  (Got it?)

B: Picture the best Christmas show you’ve ever seen. (Got that too?) 

C: Now  combine them.

(THIS IS THAT SHOW... Probably.)

Written by SET’s own 

Jenny Maloney and Jessica Weaver.

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